Saint Remy fibreglass swimming pool

Saint Remy Pool & Spa Combination - 7.6m x 3.6m

The Saint-Remy is the latest pool and spa combination from Aqua Technics Pools that gives you both swimming and relaxation zones all in one. Holiday at home with your own indulgent pool and spa experience.


- Kids play zone
- 12 jet therapeutic spillway spa
- Extended pool bench seat
- Rumble seating area featuring air bubbles that can be turned on to create a play area for the kids
- Water seamlessly cascades into the pool
- Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty*

Entry Zone

- Wide entry step
- Rumble seating area featuring air bubbles that can be turned on to create a play area for the kids
- Steps do not protrude into the swimming area
- Option to add spa jets

Bench Seating

- 600mm wide bench seat
- Fully supported, adding to the structural strength of the pool
- Ideal rest zone and area for kids to play
- Includes deep end step for safe exit from the pool


- Water seamlessly cascades into the pool
- Coping stone can easily be fitted to match pool coping
- Non-slip recessed area

Spa Zone

- 2m x 1.86m, 980mm deep
- Easily seats 6 adults
- 2 x recliner seats and bench seating
- Relax and unwind with 12 jets (8 x spa jets and 4 x micro jets)
- Heating provisions so spa can be heated separately from pool
- 1 x LED blue light

Internal Measurements:

Length: 7.6m
Width: 3.6m
Depth: 1.32m – 1.96m

External Measurements:

Length: 8m
Width: 4m

Spa Measurements:

Length: 2m
Width: 1.86m
Depth: 980mm

Swimming Pool Package

Fibreglass Pool Specifications:

- Fibreglass pool shell manufactured to AS/NZS 1838
- Eco-friendly & Corrosion Resistant Fibreglass
- Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty
- Structural Fibreglass Bond Beam 200mm
- Pool ColourGuard® Patented Gelcoat Warranty
- Anti-Microbial Pool Protection
- Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*
- Superior Fade and Blister Resistance

Your Standard Inclusions:

- Energy Efficient Speed Variable Pump
- Salt water or Mineral water
- Filtration Automation
- Handover Kit (pool accessory kit)
- Skimmer box to AS 2818
- LED underwater light/s
- Excavation
- Soil Removal and Waste Disposal
- Comply with Australian Standards 1839:1994
- Fibreglass Bond Beam + Concrete 400mm Bond Beam

Building Approvals:

- Easy Approval Process
- Design & Plans
- Complying Development CDC
- Development Application DA
- All other necessary Certificates and Reports

Landscaping Options:

- Pool Coping
- Concreting
- Tiling & Paving
- Retaining Walls
- Decking

Dedicated Project Management

You can choose your project to stop at the swimming pool installation or be completed fully with landscaping. Saving time and benefiting from quality & warranted work.

Build Quality

Aqua Technics Fibreglass Pools are manufactured to strict quality standards. Built using modern corrosion resistant materials with exclusive patented technology, which is unsurpassed when compared against other manufactured fibreglass pools.

Finance Option and Easy Payment Schedule

Ask one of our professional consultants about the easy staged payment schedule, or if you're just planning we can provide you with fibreglass pool prices.

Sydney Water Tap-In Portal

Do you want an idea on where your swimming pool can go before your professional consultation? Visit and login for free on the Sydney Water Tap-In Portal.

Your Pool Water Options

Viron eQuilibrium Salt Water

Saltwater swimming pools are easy to maintain and gentle on your eyes. The salt is converted to chlorine to sanitise your pool without the strong chlorine odour of your local public swimming pool.

Theralux Mineral Pool

We recommend the Theralux mineral pool system with magnesium. It has been found to have benefits in helping to relax your mind and body. It can help in detoxifying the body, reducing aches and pains, relieving stress and anxiety and providing the muscles with energy.

Automated Filtration

We recommend installing your swimming pool with an automated filtration option that will help you save on water, energy, time, chemicals and running costs. All of our swimming pool packages include this option as standard.

Additional Options

Air Venturi Jet's

The air venturi jet's are great for a simple champagne effect on the water producing bubbles or a relaxing massage.

Water Features

We customise and build your water feature to your individual design.

Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners for automated cleaning of walls and floors.


Gas, Electric and Solar Heating options available and matched to your needs.


Made of steel and sound proofed, the enclosure will keep your equipment safe from weather and meeting council regulations.

Pool Blanket & Roller

Saving up to 45% off your heating costs, there are a variety of pool covers for your pool.

Skimmer Lid

Meeting Australian Standards the skimmer lid is upgraded to replace the plastic version which is prone to fade and crack.

Solar Provisions

An extra line with two suctions and a return line is installed on your pool for your solar heating.

Pool Surrounds & Landscape Options

Custom Pool Coping

Customise your swimming pool with rebate edge coping. Drop down options down to 100mm

Retaining Walls

Engineered retaining walls for terracing your landscape or structurally reinforcing swimming pools.

Tiling & Paving

Both Tile 20mm and Paver 30mm options to choose from for your swimming pool area surrounds.

Concrete Surrounds

Extend your swimming pool area with a concrete base for your tiles or create a polished non slip surface.

Fully Frameless Glass Fencing

The most invisible look to pool fencing.

Semi Frameless Glass Fencing

Another style to glass fencing, adding a small chrome clip in between glass panels.

Aluminium Fencing

Custom Made Pool Fencing or Standard Aluminium Pool Fencing.

Decking & Gazebo's

Decking is a popular option as swimming pool surrounds and a Gazebo or Pergola can add to your entertaining space.

Fibreglass Pool Colour Options


Silver Mist






Blue Steel


Black Coral


Volcanic Ash


Artesian Mist


Assana Blue