Landscaping Idea's

Design your backyard with these landscaping idea's

When it comes to adding a fibreglass or concrete swimming pool to your backyard it is most important to place it in a way that it contributes to your living space. Part of our service when choosing Nepean Pools is sharing our knowledge and experience with you to create your perfect space.


The most vibrant looking backyards we have added swimming pools to have always had some form of garden. It can be something as simple has strategically placed pots or a feature wall with espalier.


This is a great way to break a backyard or pool area from too many hard surfaces like concrete and paving. It is also possible to just add a feature decking space in one particular area or by using it as vertical panelling for privacy or weather barrier. At Nepean Pools Showroom we have aluminium decking from Deco Wood and it is a great alternative to the commonly used Merbau.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is a great alternative when your outdoor area has too many patterns from stencil or paving and a matching colour of concrete as your swimming pool surround with one pool coping border can look the best.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete can give your concrete pool surround a modern and decorative appearance to your outdoor area without the boldness of concreting large areas with solid colours.

Paving & Stone

Natural Stone is a very popular finish to your swimming pool, with a large selection of colours and textures making for a special appearance.

Artificial Grass

Artificial or synthetic grass is becoming very popular in residential or commercial areas and what better place to have it then around a pool. It is easy to maintain, long lasting, not hot on your feet and is easy to keep clean.