Fibreglass Pool Prices

How much does a fibreglass pool cost?

Fibreglass pool prices can vary dramatically from one project to another. There are various types of machines to perform the work depending on the area and site access available to us.

Lifting in the fibreglass pool shell is commonly performed by different size cranes. The price can range from around $1000 to increasing amounts for larger cranes combined with other regulatory requirements such as traffic control, road permits and tagging power lines.

We find investing in a high quality filtration system will see your running costs being significantly lower than cheaper packages that may seem attractive upfront. Combined with added health and therapeutic benefits we suggest a mix of sanitisation methods to achieve the highest of water quality. These systems will make it possible for an upgrade path to develop if you wish to start small and invest in further products over time.

Common fibreglass pool packages with no landscaping should see you between $40,000 - $60,000 with higher amounts for larger pools and more features. These features may include spa add-on's, water features and heating components etc. Keeping in mind that these packages will include such things as the approvals process and based off a stand alone fibreglass pool shell ranging from $10,000 - $25,000.

DIY swimming pool kits may seem attractive and easily available nowadays, however the growing amount of misinformation being presented to people about certain products and services is very common. Building it yourself will not guarantee cheaper prices and can lead to more problems and extra costs quite easily. Not to mention the better products only being available through certain representatives throughout local areas which would not be available to you otherwise.

Other factor's influencing how much your fibreglass pool and overall project can cost you in the end comes down to the design and construction requirements. Different looks / specifications of products and further structural designs can dramatically make a project viable or completely blowing the budget. Planning the layout and conserving space with good design thinking can also save you money in the long run and create a better looking luxurious environment to spend your time relaxing.

Copyright 2020 - Author: Julius Garofali - Designer & Swimming Pool Builder