Square Precast Concrete Plunge Pool

Allcast Precast has designed and engineered a range of architectural precast concrete plunge pools. This is a quick, easy, cost-effective solution for your pool needs. Our plunge pools are ideal for houses of all yard sizes, and are perfect for landscape projects that face limitations of rocky ground or a sloping site.

The Allcast Precast plunge pools are manufactured under strict conditions at our factory and are transported to site where they are craned into the prepared area. The pools can be positioned in-ground or partially above ground, which reduces the need for required pool fencing*. This is not only extremely cost-efficient, but can also provide uninterrupted views, which is perfect if your backyard overlooks beautiful scenery.

The luxurious pools arrive at your doorstep completely tiled and finished - ready to plumb in the same day and swim the next. They are quick to install, easy to maintain and are both heat and energy efficient, which makes the investment extremely cost effective.

square aboveground concrete plunge pool

Plunge Pool Inclusions:

- Fully reinforced 40Mpa concrete pool shell
- Solid concrete seat and top step
- Fitting of 2 x jet eyeballs and skimmer box
- Waterproofing of shell with Mapelastic Smart
- Tiling of pool internally with ceramic mosaic tiles and granite coping tiles or polished top
- Multi-coloured LED light and transformer
- Form 15 engineering certificate and drawings

Optional Extras:

- External textured paint, tiles or polish
- Pool pump and filtration packages
- Heating solutions
- Solar thermal blankets


Width: 2.48m Square
Depth: 1.63
Capacity: 7,000ltr
Weight: 7.2T