Your Colour Will Last

Pool ColourGuard® is the world’s first surface protection system for fibreglass pools that guarantees the colour will not fade.

Incorporating patented technology and backed by a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*, a pool with Pool ColourGuard® provides superior defense against chemicals, water and ultra violet rays for pool colour that will not fade, even after years of regular use.

Pool ColourGuard offers the following benefits:

1. Pool colour that does not fade with a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*

The extensive range of fibreglass surface finishes is protected from colour loss and weathering.

2. Superior defence against chemicals and water

Accidental and unintended readings of low pH and high chlorine levels will not harm the pool’s brilliant colour or textured finish.

3. Withstands the effect of UV rays

Acts like sunscreen on your pool. Special ultraviolet absorbers and inhibitors dramatically minimise any degradation of the surface by ultraviolet light.

4. Brilliant high gloss finish

Never before seen on swimming pools and is maintained year after year.

The result is a swimming pool that is available in brilliant, vivid colours that will not be bleached by chlorine, oxidised by chemicals or degraded by the effects of ultra violet rays. Only a pool with Pool ColourGuard® can offer you all of this.

* Conditions Apply

Simple Test’s Proving Pool ColourGuard®

Extensive field trials combined with ongoing testing have proven the non-fading and wearing qualities of Pool ColourGuard®. You can be assured that it will perform with brilliant results year after year after year.

Chlorine bleach test
The test panels below have been subjected to equal amounts of chlorine bleaching.

The panel with Pool ColourGuard® shows zero signs of bleaching, oxidation or degradation after rigourous testing. The panel without Pool ColourGuard® shows severe signs of degradation, oxidation and bleaching. The surface has been rubbed back and polished in an attempt to restore the surface, however the damage is permanent and irreversible, indicating how effective Pool ColourGuard® is at protecting the surface of your pool.

UV weathering test
The panels below show the results of a QUV Accelerated Weathering Test, administered in compliance with American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM) G154-06.

The panel with Pool ColourGuard® shows almost no signs of degradation under these harsh test conditions. Pool ColourGuard® absorbs ultra violet light and converts it into harmless heat, eliminating the risk of surface cracks from UV exposure.